Doctor Who: Flatline

Another good episode. And as always around this point of the season I’m running out of things to say above the spoiler cut …

SPOILERS AHEAD! Hover mouse over text to read, or read on entry page:

I liked the monsters, particularly the gradual ramping up of their abilities as the reconnaissance missions gave them results and taught them about 3 dimensions. And the whole “they’re in the walls” thing was creepy, and well done – you twig to the floor thing just before the characters do. Although I’m not quite sure why they’d want to invade/kill people other than “because”, but I guess that’s a time honoured Doctor Who baddy rationale. And I liked the way their tech? powers? were used to accidentally mess with the TARDIS’s external dimensions – I’m not sure that’s been done before in the series. I do tend to like it when the TARDIS’s abilities and attributes are used for more than just a glorified taxi service in the story.

The tiny TARDIS in the handbag, with the Doctor’s hand handing out gadgets and tools as she needed them was pretty funny, too 🙂

Clara’s been learning well from the Doctor about how to take charge of a situation and project confidence in her “plan” whilst she makes it up as she goes along. And I liked that she does step up to the challenge, and she does well – she keeps most people alive after all. As with last week though I think we get hints that she’s not necessarily learning the right things from her association with the Doctor. This isn’t entirely a companion that’s becoming her best possible self due to the Doctor’s influence is it? She’s getting the arrogance and the external shell of pragmatism, but it’s not clear that she’s continuing to care on the inside. Just a bit too cavalier about the deaths she couldn’t prevent, just a bit too quick to lie and manipulate. Mind you, she’s not very good at lying when it isn’t a life or death situation – witness how quickly she’s caught out by both Danny and the Doctor for the lie at the end of last episode. I had assumed the storyline there was to be Clara+Danny4eva, but I’m not so sure any more – I find it hard to see how she can salvage the relationship from here. Unless Danny is as stupid as she treats him as, of course … which would be a shame.

I’m also reconsidering where the Missy plot-line is going, too. That scene at the end where she talks about having chosen Clara well is intriguing. And does, I think, make it obvious that she’s the lady who gave Clara the TARDIS phone number way back in the first episode with this Clara. Only 3 episodes left in the season so I guess we get to find out what it’s all about soon! Hopefully it’ll be a bit less nonsensical than previous Moffat season finales – it’s definitely done with a lighter touch throughout this time round.