As well as more general posts about what I’m reading or watching etc I have a couple of projects that I’m writing up in this blog (or planning to!). They each have specific tags, which I’ll list here along with a description of the project.

Read All The Fiction: Clearly I’m not actually trying to Read All The Fiction ever. But what I am planning to do is to read through all the fiction books on our shelves, in alphabetical order by author. Part of the point of this is to get rid of anything I no longer feel the need to keep, part of the point is just that it’s been a while since I read some of these and it’ll be fun to read them again. Some of our fiction is already boxed up and not on the shelves, to clear space for other things – it won’t be included in this giant re-read in order, but might be tacked on the end.

Chapter by Chapter: I dithered between this tag name & “What I Learnt Today” for this project. After a few non-fiction books where I got to the end but had read it so much in fits & starts that I’d forgotten some of the beginning I decided I’d write up the books as I went along. I have quite a queue of books ahead of me 🙂