This Blog is Now Two Blogs

Welcome to my It’s More Fun to be Jack of All Trades than Master of One blog! Once upon a time this was a collection of reviews and recaps of pretty much all the media I consumed. More recently it had morphed into specifically recapping the Egyptology lectures I attended at the Essex Egyptology Group, and so I decided to split the two sorts of posts into two separate blogs.

By a piece of magic in our web server direct links to my Egyptology related posts auto-redirect to the right place, but if you have the main page bookmarked you’ll’ve ended up here instead and may be slightly confused. All the Egyptology lecture write ups now live on Other People’s Tales, and the sister blog to that has my own original articles about Ancient Egypt: Tales from the Two Lands.

The part of the blog that still lives here is pretty much a fossil, but who knows – one day I may resurrect this and start posting reviews once more 🙂