June 2015 in Review

This is an index and summary of the things I’ve talked about over the last month. Links for multi-post subjects go to the first post (even if it’s before this month), you can follow the internal navigation links from there.



The Rai-Kirah Trilogy by Carol Berg – fantasy with desert flavours, a slave who’s more than he seems, and demons possessing souls. Part of Read All the Fiction, I only ever bought the first two books and these will be going to charity.

Total: 1


“Plantagenet England 1225-1360” Michael Prestwich. Part of the New Oxford History of England.

Total: 1


Gathering of the Clans.

Half the Man I Used to Be.

Head First.

Lord of All He Surveys.

Total: 4


Beowulf – In Our time episode about the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf.

The Eunuch – In Our Time episode about eunuchs in Assyria, China and Rome.

Total: 2


“An Ancient Flash Flood and Stratigraphy in the Valley of the Kings” Stephen Cross – talk at the June meeting of the EEG.

Total: 1



Shakespeare’s Mother: The Secret Life of a Tudor Woman – Michael Wood presenting a programme that was half a biography of Mary Arden and half general social history of the Tudor period.

Total: 1


Egypt Holiday 2014: Karnak Temple Complex.

Egypt Holiday 2014: Temple of Mut at Karnak.

Egypt Holiday 2014: Theban Tombs of the Nobles.

Total: 3