June 2014 in Review

This is an index and summary of the things I’ve talked about over the last month. Links for multi-post subjects go to the first post (even if it’s before this month), you can follow the internal navigation links from there. (TV shows without full posts will not be linked, but will be listed.)



“Dust” Hugh Howey. Last part of Howey’s post-apocalyptic trilogy. Library book.

“Ancillary Justice Ann Leckie. Really good space opera, with some interesting things to think about. New.

“Crown of Renewal” Elizabeth Moon. Last book of the Paladin’s Legacy series. New.

Total: 3


“Plantagenet England 1225-1360” Michael Prestwich. Part of the New Oxford History of England.

Total: 1


Arcade Fire (Earls Court, 6 June 2014).

Warpaint (UEA, Norwich 4 June 2014).

Total: 2



The Parlour.

Shadow of His Former Glory.

Strike a Pose.

Total: 4


The Bluestockings. In Our Time episode about the Bluestockings, an 18th Century intellectual movement.

Robert Boyle. In Our Time episode about the 17th Century scientist Robert Boyle.

The Talmud. In Our Time episode about this important Jewish text.

Total: 3


“Music and Dance in Ancient Egypt” Suzanne Lax-Bojtos. Talk given at the June meeting of the EEG.

Total: 1



Churches: How to Read Them – series looking at symbolism and so on in British churches.

The Crusades – series presented by Thomas Asbridge about the Crusades.

Fossil Wonderlands: Nature’s Hidden Treasures – Richard Fortey looking at three fossil sites that changed our idea of the past.

Hidden Histories: WW1’s Forgotten Photographs – one-off programme about the photographs taken by ordinary soldiers during WWI. Particularly featuring two photographers, one German and one British, whose descendants met up as part of the programme.

How the Wild West Was Won with Ray Mears – a look at how the geography of the USA affected the colonisation and history of the Wild West.

Martin Amis’ England – a one-off programme featuring Martin Amis talking about what he thinks it is to be English and about modern society. The BBC blurb for it sounds a lot more negative than I thought it actually was.

Mud, Sweat and Tractors – series about the history of farming in 20th Century Britain.

Secrets of Bones – series about bones, their biology & evolution.

The Spy Who Brought Down Mary Queen of Scots. Programme about Mary Queen of Scots, Francis Walsingham and the Babington Plot.

A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley – series about the popular fascination with murder in late Victorian & Edwardian times.

Total: 10


A Trip to Turin (October 2013). Overview post about our holiday in Turin last year.

Total: 1