Monday Link Salad

Those “something buried in the ice comes back to life” horror stories might not be so far fetched – so long as we’re talking about viruses anyway.

Suffolk Police warn, for the umpteenth time, about a current scam: the con artist rings up your landline claiming to be from the police or your bank telling you about suspicious financial activity on your account. They invite you to ring them back (using the 101 number or the number on your bank card depending who they’re claiming to be) but when you hang up they don’t – instead they play you a recording of a dial tone. When you pick up the phone and dial the new number you’re actually still connected to the original caller, so they then manage to con people into trusting them with financial info. So if you get that sort of call, ring back from your mobile or someone else’s landline (or leave it a while before you call from your own). People are scum 🙁

Cadence looks like an intriguing game, from the trailer.

“Generation V” by M L Brennan looks like an interesting book, sadly not in the library here tho.

And on the subject of books, I found an excuse for a notebook – I bought a book on Islamic geometric patterns and how to draw them with only a straight edge and compass (and pencil and pen). The first one I drew is this (photo on G+).

TV programmes/serieses I’m starting to record this week:

  • Fossil Wonderlands: Nature’s Hidden Treasures – three programmes about fossil beds, presented by Richard Fortey who did Survivors which we watched just recently (post)
  • How to Get Ahead – history series about how to get ahead at court.
  • The Plantagenets – three part series about the Plantagenet kings, presented by Robert Bartlett who’s done some other programmes I liked (and I have a couple of his books).
  • Hidden Histories – one-off programme about WW1 photographs taken by soldiers.