March 2013 in Review

This is an index and summary of the things I’ve talked about over the last month. Links for multi-post subjects go to the first post (even if it’s before this month), you can follow the internal navigation links from there.


Steven Wilson at the Festival Hall, 4/3/2013.

Total: 1


Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind. Exhibition of European Ice Age artifacts at the British Museum.

Total: 1


Christmas Gargoyle.


Replica Lion Man Statue – a replica of one of the objects in the Ice Age Art exhibition.

Total: 3


Comets. In Our Time episode about comets.

Le Morte d’Arthur. In Our Time episode about Malory’s version of the Arthurian legend.

Total: 2


“Egypt’s So-Called First Intermediate Period and the Tomb of Ankhtifi” Glenn Godenho. Talk given at the EEG meeting in March, about the tomb of Ankhtifi & what it tells us about the First Intermediate Period.

Total: 1



Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John.

Total: 1


Ancient Egypt – Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings. Programme about the more ordinary Egyptians – those who lived in the workmen’s village at Deir el-Medina.

The Dark Ages: An Age of Light. Programme about the art of the Early Medieval period, presented by Waldemar Januszczak.

Howard Goodall’s Story of Music. History of Western music presented by Howard Goodall.

Total: 3