Fish (The Junction Cambridge, 16/9/2013)

A couple of days after the Roger Waters gig (post) we went to another concert – not quite at the opposite end of the size spectrum, but certainly close! At pretty near the last minute J decided that he did want to see Fish on this leg of his tour for his new album, and picked up tickets for the gig at the Junction in Cambridge on 16th Sept.

The support band was Lu Cozma. There was just herself & her guitarist on stage, and to be honest I found her set fairly unmemorable. She had a good voice, and the songs were pleasant enough but the only one I really liked or remembered was her cover of Sarah McLachlan’s “Building a Mystery”.

Lu Cozma

The Fish set was memorable though 🙂 It’s been a while since we’ve been to a Fish concert where he’s had a full band – the last couple have been on the acoustic tour that he did for the last few years. The set obviously had a selection of songs from his new album (“A Feast of Consequences”), including three of the five song group about the First World War. As well as older Fish songs, there were also several Marillion songs from early albums – including “Script for a Jester’s Tear” which is one of my favourite Marillion songs, and now I’ve heard both Marillion and Fish play it live this year, so that’s pretty cool 😀

FishSteve Vantsis
FishRobin Boult

It was a good evening 🙂 I’ve a few more photos up on flickr here.