Tanya Donelly & Throwing Muses (Waterfront, Norwich, 21 Sept 2014)

I’ve been to a few concerts where I’m not necessarily that into the band, Warpaint springs to mind as a recent example. But normally I recognise a handful of the songs they play, because J will’ve been listening to whoever it might be in the run up to the gig at the very least. This was therefore an unusually odd gig for me, in that I recognised the names of both the acts and even know some songs by them but I didn’t actually recognise a single song played on the night!

Tanya DonellyTanya Donelly

Tanya Donelly was the support act, and was the reason we had tickets – J has been a fan for 20 years or thereabouts. She used to be in Throwing Muses, then Breeders then Belly before doing solo stuff. This was in the nature of a farewell tour for her, I think, so played songs from across her career. I know one Belly song pretty well (Feed the Tree) & recognise one or two more, but she didn’t play any of those ones. It didn’t matter tho, even tho I couldn’t tell you what any of the songs were I did enjoy what she played. And she has an amazing voice.

Throwing Muses

I wouldn’t’ve thought I knew any Throwing Muses songs, but J pointed out that Bright Yellow Gun is on one of my compilation albums so I do know that rather well. I just didn’t know who did the song. Of course, they didn’t play that although I gather it did come out as an encore somewhere else on the tour. They were high energy & rocky, not music to stand still to 🙂 Tanya joined them on stage towards the end of the main set for a couple of songs, too.

Throwing MusesThrowing Muses

Overall a good gig, despite the slight strangeness of not knowing the songs! I’ll leave this post with a youtube vid from the gig we were at: