Monday Link Salad

A new app I’ve put on my phone recently that I really quite like is Journey. It’s a journalling app and I’ve been using it for about 10 days now. I’m doing several different streams of things – like photos/notes of meals, photo + notes on the garden, brief notes on the TV we watch and so on. It syncs to Google Drive, and then there’s a webpage to see what’s been synced (only you see your own), and has a variety of sharing options for single entries – my photo per day that I put up on facebook & G+ have been written in Journey first for the last few days, and then I share it from there. The sharing still seems to have a few bugs (like not populating the text into facebook …) but one of the options is to “share” the text to the clipboard, so that’s actually quite convenient – just open up the facebook or G+ app then paste in the text and select the right photo.

TV I’m setting recording today: