Monday Link Salad

J linked me to a story about this a little while ago but I didn’t properly look at it till just now – Getty Publications Virtual Library is a collection of 250 free art books from the publisher’s backlist available as pdfs. Quite a few things I like the look of in the list 🙂 Related are another couple of collections of books: MetPublications is the MMA’s project to offer their publications online for free (which goes back to 1964 so far I think). And the Guggenheim has put 99 catalogues from modern art exhibitions freely available (not so much my cup of tea).

Another link for a little while ago I forgot to put in last Monday’s post: tigers in the snow.

Here’s a review of a book from 1974 “How to Make Magic” – a children’s book about the occult. It’s really not a book that you would expect to find today (and maybe not then either, but I don’t remember much about 1974 myself 😉 ).

And no new TV to record this week – which is good coz there’s a few series ongoing and we need some time to catch up with how much we’re adding to the box!