Monday Link Salad

I think I’ve seen this before but any time you might feel like it would be nice to live in some other time, here’s a nice little list of all the ways Londoners died during one particular week in 1665. Even once you discount the nearly 4000 dead of plague there’s a nicely varied list of possibles, many of which are much less likely to kill you these days. Yay for modern medicine!

No-one knows what they’re doing except those who don’t know how much they don’t know, and they’re dangerous – a slightly different take on the causes of imposter syndrome.

“My Real Children” by Jo Walton is a book I want to read, based on that excerpt. According to amazon it’s not out over here till August tho. So I need to remember to either buy it or check the library nearer the time!

A new Civ game is announced for this autumn. I’m a bit conflicted here, it looks like it’ll be Civ 5.5 and I didn’t like 5 as much as 4, but the set in space thing might be rather cool. I’ll likely end up buying it despite any doubts – I did get a little over a hundred hours out of Civ 5 after all and that’s quite a long lasting game 🙂

TV I set recording last week:

TV I set recording this week: