Monday Link Salad

Apparently triops cysts (eggs, effectively) can last up to 18 months in outer space and still hatch once returned to their proper environment … other facts about triops in that link, too.

This is a synopsis of a proposed article looking at the history of US science fiction writers from a perspective of discussing the far right politics of several well known writers/editors. The intent, I think, is to contextualise the various clashes between more progressive (and mostly younger) parts of SF/F fandom and the (mostly older) rightwing parts that’ve been taking place over the last few years. Looks like it’s been funded (it’s a kickstarter-esque thing) so will be interesting to see the eventual article.

I’ve signed up for a couple more Future Learn courses – one on Richard III starting on 30th June, and one on the Roman port of Portus starting on 19th May.

We’ve just got a Chromecast, so I installed a new app on my phone – Dayframe lets you cast photos, you can link it up with flickr, 500px, G+, facebook, and so on as well as display photos off your camera. Not entirely intuitive interface for adding streams to the favourites (or at least I got a little tied in knots at one point when adding flickr) but does the job well.

TV I set recording last week:

TV I set recording this week: