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30th November 2006

We've added a set of photos from Jo and Chris's wedding, last weekend. Yay!

22nd January 2005

Added a gallery of photos of Aldeburgh, taken during a visit last weekend.

15th January 2005

Added a gallery of photos of Ipswich Docks, taken during a recent morning walk.

26th June 2004

We spent a weekend in Tarbert, Scotland for Russell and Joanna's wedding. There are photos, you should go and look :)

9th November 2003

Added a gallery of photos from a fireworks party, held recently by our friends Jonathan and Becky.

12th July 2003

I've reworked the whole site in validated XHTML and CSS.

I tried to recreate the existing style of the site, so it shouldn't look significantly different, although there are a few subtle changes. Please let me know if you notice any problems!

2nd May 2003

A cat! Finally! We adopted Toby from the nice people at the Cats Protection League.

TobyToby sleepingToby hiding

He is insufferably cute :)

26th March 2003

Added lots of photos from the Marillion Weekend 2003, at Butlins in Minehead.

12th January 2003

We've added several new photo galleries: