All the World's a Stage

There's been a bit of a hiatus at Realms Beyond recently - real life issues slapping the main game sponsor around a bit - so to fill the gap Sooooo started up an unofficial adventure. It's a scored event with a heavy emphasis on Art and some restrictions on what can be built. I thought that as this was the theme I should aim for a Cultural victory - despite that being rather harder to pull off without being able to build cathedrals. It's not all about winning though :nod:


Sponsor: Sooooo

Civilization: England, Elizabeth

Difficulty: Monarch

Map: Custom continents

AIs: 5, random

Speed: Epic OR Normal

Version: Civ 1.61

teaser image from RB for All the World's a Stage

There are 2 save games available, identical in all respects except for the game speed. Chose either save for whatever reason you wish: the speed you enjoy or the speed you believe will score you more points. Players of both saves will be scored together.

Scenario Concept: All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Your civilization is fanatical about bringing art to the world. By force if necessary. Your civ *cough* "shuns" scientists, merchants and priests. Engineers are (just about) tolerated because they construct grand buildings to display your art.

Variant Rules: Please pay attention to the rules and scoring! Printing them out is wise.