young adult

"All Our Yesterdays" Cristin Terrill

The book opens with Em in a cell, obsessed with & terrified by the drain in the floor and plotting her & her fellow prisoner's escape. Her discovery of a note in her own handwriting in the drain - a note she knows she hasn't written - leads to their success. And the two use their captor's time machine to head back to 4 years earlier to try & stop the seemingly inevitable chain of events that lead to that cell. The other main point of view is Marina - who starts the book seemingly a shallow, sheltered, spoilt teenage girl obsessed with her looks & the boy next door.

"The Woken Gods" Gwenda Bond

Kyra is a teenager living in Washington, D.C. - but this is a Washington after the gods have woken and are walking the Earth among us. After her father disappears she & her friends band together to try & find him. What Kyra finds is that she's not just a normal girl, and the reasons for her father's disappearance have implications for the whole world.

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