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The Merchant Princes Trilogy, Charles Stross

When I first read The Merchant Princes series by Charles Stross (of which the first trilogy is currently published) several years ago they were advertised as fantasy rather than as a science fiction/techno thriller and were published as six books. I'd been getting them out of the library then but stalled out on the third or fourth of the books as the library didn't have the next one. So when I realised the books had been revised and re-released as 3 books it seemed the perfect time to pick them up and finally find out what happened.

"Grail" Elizabeth Bear

Grail is the final book in Elizabeth Bear's Jacob's Ladder trilogy. I've posted about the previous two here and here. The first time I read the book I read the first couple of pages, then double checked I had the right book - the start is completely different from what I was expecting! (I should've been a bit more trusting, it's clear by halfway down page 3 that it's the right book ...)

"Chill" Elizabeth Bear

Chill is the second book in the Jacob's Ladder trilogy by Elizabeth Bear - the first one was Dust (post). I read this on the plane back from Egypt immediately after finishing Ann Leckie's Ancillary Sword (post) which definitely influenced the thoughts I was having while reading it.

"Ancillary Sword" Ann Leckie

Ancillary Sword is the sequel to Ann Leckie's debut novel (Ancillary Justice - post - which won all the awards this year). I really loved the first book so was looking forward eagerly to the second one, and it didn't disappoint. I read it on the flights to & from Egypt last November, so I devoured it in a couple of large gulps rather than with pauses for thought.

Doctor Who: Last Christmas

The blog's on a little bit of a hiatus at the moment - as might've been apparent. A combination of being very busy in December and wanting to get some posts written so I have a buffer between writing and posting! It will return properly in a couple of weeks or so. However, I wasn't going to not write up and post about Doctor Who in a reasonably timely fashion! We watched it on Christmas Day at J's parents place - the toddler in the house kindly (well ...) let us have the telly before he went to bed ;)

"Dust" Elizabeth Bear

I bought Elizabeth Bear's "Dust" about 3 years ago when I read it for an online book club (which has since vanished without trace so I can't even link to it). I did write about it on my own livejournal so I can link to that first impression. This is another of the backlog of book posts that I'm catching up on (the last one! I'm nearly up to date!) so again I think this'll be less in depth than I would've written had I got to it quicker.

"Ancillary Justice" Ann Leckie

I picked up Ancillary Justice when I saw it in the bookshop the other week. It's the debut novel by Ann Leckie, and it's gathering awards left, right & centre. I've seen quite a few reviews in the various blogs I read and I don't think I've seen one that didn't like it.


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