Current Projects

I thought I would complement my look back at the blog posts I wrote last year with a list of my ongoing or planned projects - some of which generate posts here, some of which don't. The stalled and planned sections of the list aren't really comprehensive, they're more the things on my mind at the moment out of the great sea of possibilities.

This blog: Ongoing. First on the list, as it probably takes up most of my project related time. I've got a few things left on my to-do list for how the site functions and looks, but mostly I'm at the stage of just keeping on writing.

2013 Roundup: Everything Else

This is the final part of my roundup of 2013 blog posts - I've managed to get it all done before January is over, which feels like a victory of sorts :) There are a few categories on the sidebar that aren't covered here. Admin is mostly indexes for each month, rather dull and somewhat recursive to index the indexes, so I haven't. The others had no posts last year, some of which are rather surprising, some of which are not. I've played a lot of computer games over the last year, but apparently not written about anything - I should change that this year.

2013 Roundup: Other TV

And this is the final list of TV programmes we watched over the last year. I've sorted them into categories, but possibly in many cases this tells you a bit more about the inside of my mind than the programme itself. For instance I put the current affairs programmes like the Panorama programme about North Korea into the same category as travelogues because some of those (like Simon Reeve's programmes) also have a theme how the world's fucked up and it's all our fault.

2013 Roundup: Modern History TV

The joke in our household is that if you mention some historical event of, say, the Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings or some such then J will say "oh that's practically modern!" because he's used to thinking of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Pharaohs (who stop with the famous Cleopatra) as being the "most recent". Skews your perspective a bit.

2013 Roundup: Ancient History TV

The amount of different TV that we've watched over the last year is why I split the roundup of the year into sections - and the non-fiction TV is split into three or so parts (vagueness because I've not written them all yet so I don't know if it'll stick to the plan!). This gathers together all the "ancient history" serieses or programmes we've watched over the year - 30 in all. I've drawn the boundary at roughly the fall of Rome, and as you might expect the list includes a lot of programmes about Ancient Egypt (given J's obsession with the subject).

2013 Roundup: Non-fiction Books

This is a much shorter list than the fiction list! I've read three and a half non-fiction books over the last year. Three of these I've written a short essay after each section about what it said - one thing I need to get better at is editing these to be shorter and more on point (and then perhaps including more of the book in each post). The first two of these books are about China - a broad sweep of the whole history up to the end of the Empire, and a narrower look at the art & culture of 18th century Qing dynasty China.

2013 Roundup: Fiction Books

I wrote reviews of 42 fiction books during 2013, of which 17 were in my great re-read of all the fiction I own. There's also a small handful of books I didn't write about because I read them in the library and didn't bring them home - so say 45 for a round number of books read. Of these both my favourite of the year and least favourite were library books, both written by women and one published this year and one last. Over on my librarything I do give books star ratings, and I'm organising the rest of this post using them.

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I've reached the end of the first letter of the alphabet in my great re-read of all the fiction on my shelves, so I thought this would be a good point for a retrospective on what I've read so far. I'm fond of stats & graphs, so that's where we'll start :)

The books are as follows (links go to my posts):

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