The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Film)

The third and final part of the film adaptation of The Hobbit was out over Christmas and we managed to get to the last 3D showing in Ipswich before it went 2D only. Normally I'm a fan of watching films in 3D where possible (not that I see many films ...) but in this case I think I might rather've seen it in 2D. There were several scenes (including some right near the beginning) where the action seemed to be moving too fast for the projection to keep up - particularly apparent when there were close-up shots panning across lots of people rushing around.

Hamlet (BBC Production from 2009)

Anna lent us the DVD of the BBC's 2009 production of Hamlet back when I'd just finished the MOOC I did on the play (post). We finally got round to watching it a few days ago! This is the production that has David Tennant as Hamlet, and Patrick Stewart as Claudius (and the ghost of dead King Hamlet).

Vikings Live

Last Thursday we went out to the cinema to see a live broadcast from the current British Museum exhibition about the Vikings (which I've already written about here). Cineworld Ipswich sadly managed not to switch the screen on in time for the start of the broadcast, but we only missed the first few minutes.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Just before Christmas J and I went to see the new Hobbit film. The rest of this post is pretty spoilery (and doesn't include a plot summary so may not make much sense if you haven't seen the film yet). The unspoilery version is "it was good! you should probably go see it! (providing you like such films)" :)

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Star Trek Into Darkness

We went to see Star Trek Into Darkness on Monday, in a surprisingly empty cinema - I know the weather was good for a change but I'd still have expected more people around on a bank holiday afternoon. But at least it being fairly empty meant we got sensible seats instead of under the speaker stack like we had for The Hobbit. Overall I enjoyed the film, it was a fun action film with a lot of neat set piece sequences. I'm not convinced it always made sense, though.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Here be spoilers! Read at own risk ;) It also probably won't make much sense if you haven't seen the film yet, as I'm not doing a plot synopsis.

J & I went to see The Hobbit on Tuesday evening & it was rather good :)

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J's doing well for trips to see films this year - I think this is the third one he's persuaded me to go to the cinema for. Still don't like cinemas ;) The film was pretty good, though :) I'd managed to completely avoid spoilers, so only knew it was the new Bond film & I think that's a good way to come to the story. As always this isn't so much a review as a collection of thoughts, and there are major spoilers ahead in the rest of this post.

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We went to see Prometheus at the cinema ages ago, but I'm reminded of it again because the blu-ray J bought has just arrived & J spent a large chunk of the weekend watching the extras & commentaries (as well as re-watching the film). I've seen quite a few people in various places online saying how crap the film was, but to be honest I completely disagree with that. I suppose I should point out that I see very few films, so perhaps I'm just not as jaded as the general cinema-going population.

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