Tanya Donelly & Throwing Muses (Waterfront, Norwich, 21 Sept 2014)

I've been to a few concerts where I'm not necessarily that into the band, Warpaint springs to mind as a recent example. But normally I recognise a handful of the songs they play, because J will've been listening to whoever it might be in the run up to the gig at the very least. This was therefore an unusually odd gig for me, in that I recognised the names of both the acts and even know some songs by them but I didn't actually recognise a single song played on the night!

Arcade Fire (Earls Court, 6 June 2014)

A couple of days after we saw Warpaint play in Norwich (post) we went to London to see Arcade Fire play. This was quite a different scale of gig - it was in the main venue at Earls Court, which is a really quite enormous space compared to the LCR at UEA. When we arrived to join the queue just after doors opened there was a Mariachi band playing in the front door - I think we must've just missed them arriving in a limo. They serenaded the audience as we walked into the venue.

Warpaint (UEA, Norwich 4 June 2014)

It's always a little odd going back somewhere you used to go a lot after a gap of several years - and going to UEA (where I used to work) for a gig on 4 June was no exception. It was kinda the same, but not. And gave us a feeling old sensation as we realised how young the students looked ;) The gig was in the LCR which is quite a nice space for a concert because about halfway back from the stage the floor goes up a bit (with steps) so there's not so much of a rush to the front - the audience starts equally divided between people near the stage (like us) and people on the steps.

Maximo Park (Manchester Academy, 15 March 2014)

The reason we went to see J's sister and family on the weekend that we did was because Maxïmo Park were playing at the Manchester Academy on the Saturday evening (15th March). J & I had spent the day in Manchester at the museum (post) and we had a brisk dinner in a restuarant in the China Town area before meeting Jo and Chris outside the venue at pretty much spot on doors time. I'm sure I've seen someone play at the Academy before but it seems it was long enough ago that the outside of the building had changed and I didn't really remember the inside either!

Crimson ProjeKct (12 March 2014, Shepherd's Bush Empire)

A couple of weeks ago we went to our second concert of the year. Crimson ProjeKct are not King Crimson, but they contain three people who've been in various King Crimson line-ups (namely Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto) and they have King Crimson's blessing to tour King Crimson material. So J jumped at the chance to get tickets for this concert as it might be the closest we'll get to seeing King Crimson live.

Marillion (Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, 9/11/2013)

Marillion have played a couple of UK dates recently and we went to see them play in Aylesbury. This was, apparently, the first time in 29 years that the band have played at that venue, and as Aylesbury is where they're based it was a sort of homecoming gig. The Waterside Theatre is relatively newly rebuilt, and Aylesbury seem very pleased with it - we drove into Aylesbury twice* from different directions & you're sign-posted to the theatre right from the outskirts of town both times. It's quite nice, and the staff were all astonishingly friendly and cheerful.

Steven Wilson (Royal Albert Hall, 20/10/13)

Nearly a month ago J and I went to see Steven Wilson play at the Royal Albert Hall. As this was shortly after we'd got home from Turin we didn't spend the day in London beforehand, just headed in in time for the concert. After meeting up with Paul and Ady we had dinner at Wagamamas and headed off to find our seats. Paul had bought the tickets some time before* and we'd all forgotten what we'd done about seats - just remembered we'd gone for fairly cheap tickets so assumed we were up in the nosebleed seats somewhere.

Fish (The Junction Cambridge, 16/9/2013)

A couple of days after the Roger Waters gig (post) we went to another concert - not quite at the opposite end of the size spectrum, but certainly close! At pretty near the last minute J decided that he did want to see Fish on this leg of his tour for his new album, and picked up tickets for the gig at the Junction in Cambridge on 16th Sept.


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